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Bit8 has developed one of the most advanced gaming platforms in the industry, in line with our vision of becoming the #1 innovative gaming platform for the global gaming industry. 

Our mission is guided by three main principles that form the core of our vision: 

  • Maximize player lifetime value by providing leading edge solutions.
  • The platform back-end should be a source of competitive advantage.
  • Facilitate online operations and reduce costs through high levels of innovation, flexibility and the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Our disruptive Artificial Intelligence technology innovations give operators an inbuilt competitive advantage. The Bit8 platform consistently wins the top spot in terms of functionality, modularity, scaleability and flexibility. The bonusing and promotions, recommendations and data mining modules enable our operators to increase revenue significantly with intelligent targeting of marketing campaigns and by providing an awesome experience to their players. 

Established in 2010, Bit8 has quickly signed on an ever increasing number of operators including Tier 1 operators. We have positioned ourselves as one of the only pure play platform providers in the industry. 

Bit8’s modern design also enables us to offer functionality, like multiple jurisdiction support, geo-fencing and real-time bonus offers, that is almost impossible to offer on older platforms that have not been designed from the ground up to support such business needs. Our continuous improvement process takes input from our clients and relentlessly drives us towards an ever perfect platform that has the potential to disrupt the entire online gaming industry. 

Bit8 is backed by a mature team of competent and motivated individuals that have extensive experience in the gaming industry and other industries. Our tightly-knit Bit8 team is one of the company’s main assets. The team is led by a relentless focus on continual gradual improvement, following an evolutionary path towards success in a consistent manner that does not distract away from our vision and mission. The team is in turn guided by an overall vision and roadmap, complimented by processes that ensure professionalism and a predictably good customer service.