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Based in Malta, Untangled Media Limited is a rapidly expanding company that works exclusively in the web media sector.

We run our own in-house specialised websites as well as creating fresh, new and exciting sites for our clients. We also offer marketing services to organisations and individuals that want their websites to stop lounging around on the sofa and start earning their keep.

At the moment we employ a team of 18 people ranging from designers to programmers and from web administrators to marketing professionals, each sharing the common belief that the Internet is one of the planet's most valuable resources.

The UML team combines age and experience with youth and enthusiasm ensuring that all our clients - and we have over 2,000 at the moment - are given fast, effective and considered attention at all times. And in a variety of different ways.

It is important to point out at this stage that we are not 'computer geeks'. Well, at least not entirely. We don't bog you down with complicated jargon. We don't try to confuse you by using words that start with a dot. And we understand that just because you want to use the Internet that doesn't mean you want to know exactly how it works.

UML is a simple company, with a simple objective - to make the Internet a more profitable place for our clients and a more useful place for the millions of people that have come to rely on it.

And, thanks to long hours, hard work and ridiculous amounts of coffee, we are doing a pretty good job of it.