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Frank Temile - ‘Swieqi United is a perfect example of ‘how’ a club should be run’.

15.01.21 Frank Temile - ‘Swieqi United is a perfect example of ‘how’ a club should be run’.

If you ever notice a footballer always playing with a smile, that man is Frank Temile. An ebullient & jovial character off the pitch is complemented by a ferocious and indefatigable spirit on it! Make no mistake, Franke Temile's 'will to win' is no short of being classed as 'ephemeral'.


SUFC Media caught up with the experienced and much-travelled Temile for a quick sit-down.

SUFC: Hi Frank. Thanks for taking the time to talk to SUFC Media. How would you assess the season so far? Both from a personal and club perspective?

Frank: So far so good, it’s been a really good season for me personally and for the club. I'm enjoying my time here.


SUFC: Your 'repertoire' in football is second to none hearkening back to the days of Valletta FC. So what have you made of your time here at Swieqi United?

Frank: My time here at the club has been great and it certainly is very rare to form part of such a well-organized club. I must confess, that initially, people thought I was crazy to sign for Swieqi United but I can now honestly say that I feel privileged to have been accepted into this family. Big 'kudos' to everyone starting from the President all the way to the youngest player in the squad. I've been made to feel welcome and am having the time of my life!


SUFC: What do you make of the 'chemistry' within the team? Is this something you are enjoying?

Frank: Yes, when you have a group of honest people who always want to learn from each other, there will always be very good ‘chemistry’. I have nothing but praise for the technical staff for their incessant efforts to instill harmony and preserve the 'good vibes' which have permeated throughout the entire camp.


SUFC: What role has the 'coaching staff' played in making you feel welcome at the club? And what's your relationship like with the management?

Frank: From a coaching perspective, the coaches have all been tremendous and right from the word 'go' have made me feel welcome. Their passion towards their job and commitment is second to none. Seeing them work with such joy and seriousness fires you up as a player. The same goes for the club management - and I hope our very positive relationship will continue.

For me, it's simple. Swieqi United is a perfect example of 'how' a club should be run. 

SUFC: And finally, why should any young or prospective player join 'Swieqi?'

Frank: For me, it's simple. Swieqi United is a perfect example of 'how' a club should be run. I am fascinated by their philosophy which does not encompass a 'winning at all costs' mentality. Rather, they genuinely value 'player development' - which is top on their list of priorities. With the right financial backing and sponsors, this club will take football to the next level...not just in Malta buy beyond these shores!


Everyone at SUFC Media would like to wish Frank all the very best for the rest of the 2020/21 campaign!

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