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30.04.20 "This Club has the potential to be very respected at all levels in the future" - Marko Glumac

Marko Glumac is a household name in Maltese football, having coached at the likes of San Gwann, Birki, Melita and St. Andrew's, among other clubs.  He has always been highly regarded in his work.  Recently, having been out of contract following a stint with his previous club Santa Lucia, despite taking them to the Premier League in his only season in charge, Marko signed a multi-year deal with the Club.  In a dual role, he shall be overseeing the Club's well established Academy, as well as collaborating with Technical Director Billy Mock on a number of matters.  Swieqi United's media team sat down with Marko to get to know him and his aspirations for his future at the Club.

SUFC: Good afternoon Marko.  As you are a new addition to the Club, please tell us a little about yourself.

MGAs a kid, all I ever wanted to do was to play football. With the talent and mostly dedication I showed, I was lucky to be raised at the two best academies in the country (Serbia), where I learned many things. Apart from skills and technique, the biggest lesson I learnt is how much commitment, sacrifice and motivation is needed everyday to keep yourself on that level and to progress further. I then studied at the University of Sport in Belgrade and graduated, specialising in football.

Till today I continue to invest in my education and knowledge, attending football coaching courses of various topics to be able to follow modern tendencies, the latest coaching methods, and hear any information that will help me to keep a high level in my profession as a football coach, and today, Assistant Technical Director of the Club and Head Coach of the Academy.  I am looking forward to it and am very motivated to begin. 

SUFC: Why did you choose to join Swieqi United? What are your first impressions of the Club?

MG: As I am a full time football coach, I feel it is important to know about the business we are in.  I follow all the clubs, the way they operate, ideas they implement, and try to understand their way of working.

Swieqi United is a club that hasn't just caught my eye over the years, but also that of other people. Although it is still a young club, it is growing progressively. In choosing my next club, I am very lucky to see that there was interest from Swieqi United.  I was very interested to hear their views and must say that I didn't think twice about accepting the post. Speaking to the President (Justin Fenech) and Technical Director (Billy Mock), there was a clear message that the Club has a healthy vision, a project that will lead the Club to become the top club on the island in all areas. It is not an easy task but is doable, and I am proud to be given the opportunity to be an important part in that journey. I am confident that we will leave our mark with our work and will be recognised further in the next few years. 

SUFC: What is your role at the Club?

MG: As Academy Head Coach, I will be in charge of the smooth running of the youth sector, supporting it in all technical aspects - the players, coaches, parents and staff the club. Together with the Technical Director, we will lead and give our full support to all categories of all sections at the Club, with the aim of extracting the maximum potential from each and every player, no matter of their age or level. Guided by the Club's statement of 'One team, One Club', we are building coaching guidelines, training methods and structures that will be adopted across the whole setup. It is the latest, modern and proactive concept of training that applies to the best clubs in the world - so why can't we have it at Swieqi United? 

SUFC: What do you think the Club has to do to improve and continue taking steps forward?

MG: The Club has a lots of potential. As I mentioned before, the fact that it is growing fast and is still ready to invest in further improvements is highly commendible.  At this point, we need to continue investing in structuring the technical area, by investing in coaches and players and their development.  We want to continue to open the door to all interested players to join us and experience our methods of work. Every player at Swieqi United will complete the course that covers all aspects of the game: technical, tactical, physical, mental, and social; progressing structurally from one year to another. In the end, our players will be fully developed to challenge any team at the senior level. 

SUFC: Where do you see the Club in the next few years?

MG: With the club's vision, various improvements and modern thinking, the Club has the potential to be very respected at all levels in the future, both at academy and senior level. At this point, it is hard work that will lead us to more success. I am looking forward to the future as together with everybody at the club, I think we can go places in the future. 

Article: Matthew Borg

Photo credit: Jeffrick Cachia

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