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The passion of our National Women's Squad

07.07.19 The passion of our National Women's Squad

Today the much anticipated final of the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019 between two strong sides, USA and the Netherlands, will be played in Lyon, France. 

Malta did not qualify to the group stages of the competition but we would like to take the opportunity to thank the women of our national squad for their dedication and hard work. 

A lot may not know that our female representatives do not get paid for their time spent training. In fact they train at least four times a week, as much as men senior teams do. These ladies take time off from their own leave to represent their country - they do so solely because they love the sport and their country. And despite certain inequalities respectable results are still being obtained.

We have local talent, we have a number of players that have gone to play abroad at professional level with renowned clubs such as Grifone Gialloverde, Sunderland and PSV. We have also seen young talent already being called up with the senior national squad, and this goes to show these girls are willing to train hard to achieve their goals.

Even though a lot of hard work is needed to get to the same level as the teams we saw in this World Cup, we can rest assured that all involved in our National Women Squad have the passion and dedication needed to get there. Swieqi United will be backing them all the way!

Photo Credits: MFA Women's Football Facebook Page 

Article: Mandy Caruana 

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