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Strickland Cup Update!

21.12.11 Strickland Cup Update!

The 2011-12 edition of the Strickland Cup was launched at the MFA Headquarters on Friday 23rd December. The launch was presided over by Mr. Mark Attard on behalf of the MFA, Mr. Michael Calleja (Swieqi United FC), Mr. Joseph Vassallo (Mtarfa FC) and Mr. Joseph Farrugia (Marsaskala FC). The cup which was contested between Mtarfa and Swieqi last season has been expanded to also include Qrendi and Marsaskala. Mr. Mark Attard stated that the MFA were more than happy to accomodate the four teams participating in this competition and augured all the best.


Mr. Michael Calleja, Secretary of Swieqi United FC noted how in the past the concept of a Christmas Tournament was something very common and hence this tradition was being continued. He also thanked Mr. Roger Strickland Jr. for his generous contribution in making this tournament possible whilst also thanking Qrendi, Mtarfa and Marsaskala for accepting the 'Strickland Cup' invitation. Mr. Calleja announced that the games would be played at the Victor Tedesco Stadium with the first two teams drawn kicking off the tournament. The Swieqi FC secretary stated that the scope of this tournament, other than winning it, was that it would be played in a 'festive atmosphere' with good football all around.
Interventions were also made by Mr. Joseph Vassallo on behalf of Mtarfa and Mr. Joseph Farrugia on behalf of Marsaskala. Both stated that they looked forward to competiting whilst also thanking the Malta Football Association for sanctioning the competition under its auspices. They also reiterated that the tournament would help all four clubs promote their ideals and values of the game.
Full fixtures:

Thursday 29th December 2011 @ 6pm: Qrendi v Marsaskala
Thursday 29th December 2011 @ 8pm: Mtarfa v Swieqi United
Monday 2nd January 2012 @ 6pm: 3/4 Place
Monday 2nd January 2012 @ 8pm: Final.
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