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Swieqi United Host Business Breakfast

24.10.11 Swieqi United Host Business Breakfast


Swieqi United Football Club (SUFC)hosted a business breakfast on Saturday, 22nd October 2011 at the Cavalieri Hotel. The meeting was attended by members of the press, sponsors and local business as well as a number of distinguished guests including the Hon. Robert Arrigo MP and MFA President Mr. Norman Darmanin Demajo.

Mr. Mark Camilleri (General Manager - Cavalieri) welcomed SUFC and its guests. He explained that the Cavalieri Hotel fully supported SUFC and its long term project of creating a stronger community within the locality of Swieqi. 


Dr. Justin Fenech(SUFC President) explained that the club was created by a number of Swieqi youths who loved the game and who loved their locality. SUFC also recognizes the value of sports as an integral part of human development. He concluded by stating that the club was aiming to stand out amongst other Maltese clubs by investing in its media as well as adopting a professional and sustainable approach in the way the club is managed.


Mr. Norman Darmanin Demajoemphasised how important it was that Swieqi United obtains the necessary facilities, including a club house and a training pitch, within the immediate future in order that the continued existence of the club be guaranteed. He also reiterated the MFA's policy of making sure all clubs will be able to secure gate money whilst also emphasizing how important it was that a club like Swieqi United be able to project its image and ambitions using modern day technology. The fact that the club is an Amateur club but run very professionally was also praised by the MFA President. 

The Hon. Robert Arrigo maintained that he was captured by SUFC’s enthusiasm and has always been ready to offer a helping hand and much needed guidance. He also agreed with the MFA President with regards to the fact that for an amateur club it is vital to have a base and a strong foundation.


First Team Manager Roland Sollars highlighted how the club's values were in line with his own and how this had made him choose SUFC over other clubs. He stated that the team was taking shape; that players were enjoying training and were looking forward to all challenges that would present themselves.


Dr Justin Fenech presented an update on the club’s completion of the SUFC Business Plan launched in 2011. Mr. Hani Arebi (SUFC Marketing and PR) presented SUFC’s new schemes aimed at local Businesses and local Professionals. Mr. Ralph Agius Fernandez (SUFC Local Matters) emphasized how important it was that SUFC be given proper support from the local authorities. He further stressed the fact the club was created to aid the community and lamented the fact that the local council had done little in the last three years to aid in the development of the club. Mr Gavin Ellul (SUFC Vice President) presented the Strickland Cup and the Noel Muscat Trophy; two initiatives created by SUFC to further promote 3rd division football as well as strengthen the club’s relations with other clubs off-the-pitch.

Mr Michael Calleja (SUFC Secretary General), who chaired the event, thanked all present as well as the SUFC committee, coaching staff and players. The meeting was concluded with special thanks to the SUFC sponsors namely: Stargames, Sixt, Robert Arrigo & Sons, Vacancy Centre, Untangled Media, Logix, Noel Muscat & Co, Sportika and Hotel Cavalieri.



Video Links of Speeches:


Mark Camilleri (Cavalieri Hotel)


Dr Justin Fenech (SUFC President)


Norman Darmanin Demajo (MFA President)


Robert Arrigo (MP)


Rolland Sollars (SUFC Head Coach)


Ralph Agius Fernandez (SUFC Local Matters)


Gavin Ellul (SUFC Vice President)


Hani Arebi (SUFC Marketing and PR)

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