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New Nike kits set to take centre stage throughout the season

14.09.17 New Nike kits set to take centre stage throughout the season

​New season. New hopes. New Resolutions. That's the usual plot we're accustomed to witnessing and hearing year after year. However, the 2017-18 season will certainly be a landmark campaign due to the fact that the club will be donning the new Nike kits.

During the Business Lunch held last Saturday, President Justin Fenech and Nike representatives revealed the sparkling new kits - much to the delight of those present at the function. The new Swieqi United home jersey is a neat Orange slim fit top with black sleeves and a white line running through the apparel. The significance of the Orange colour has been evident from the beginning of the club's foundation. It represents the two predominant colours of Swieqi: Red and Yellow [which symbolise the valleys and fields of Ta' l-Ibrag and Il-Madliena] which when fused together reveal the beautiful orange colour. The white lining neatly blends into the kitwear and is also reflective of the 'white' found on the Swieqi coat of arms. Black also takes centre-stage, with the shorts and sleeves represented by this powerful colour. From an aesthetic point of view, black certainly blends in very well with Orange and adds an extra dimension to the already glamorous kit.

The players will also wear a full royal blue away kit. The significance of this colour can also be traced to the Swieqi Coat of arms. Blue figures prominently on the community badge and it represents the waterflow, the 'saqa' which gives its name to our beloved town. Blue is also the colour of Our Lady, the Immaculate Conception whose feast is celebrated on the 8th of December.

Speaking to Swieqi media, Club Vice President Michael Calleja stated: 'Back in 2009, we started with Eagle K-Wear Co. Ltd who were very helpful in ensuring we kicked off our maiden season in the national divisions with very elegant kits. In 2010 we shifted to Sportika and we enjoyed a very fruitful and close relationship for a number of years. When we were approached by Nike during the 2016-17 season, we wanted to ensure that the kits reflected our professionalism and seriousness. Moreover, we wanted to make sure the kits paid tribute to our young and vibrant Swieqi community. After due and careful consideration, we chose a set of kits that certainly match our expectations and vision for the future. We look forward to hopefully achieving further success both off the pitch as well as on it for many years to come'.

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