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Two successful events organised Two successful events organised

31.10.16 Two successful events organised

Both the Women's Team and the Club in general organised two fantastic events this week-end. On Friday, the SUFC Women's Team successfully staged the Halloween Party which was very well attended and was an instant success.This was the first event that the Women's Team hosted with the aim of raising funds of the club. The Women's Team were very organised from start to finish and this also led to a great success. 

On Saturday, over 200 people attended the Annual SUFC Pasta Night where the night not only included delicious pasta but a raffle and cake for all attendees was also given. Like the Halloween party, this event also took place at the Local Council's civic centre. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended this event and of course all those that spend time in organising another successful event.

Photos: Daniel Cachia

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