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Abner Dos Santos is back on Loan with the Seniors Squad

22.02.16 Abner Dos Santos is back on Loan with the Seniors Squad

Striker Abner Dos Santos, who played with Swieqi United when the team won its first historic promotion to 2nd Division in the 2013/14 Season, speaks to Jeffrick Cachia about his feelings about returning on loan with Swieqi United this January. 

Abner how does it feel to be back?

It feels good to be back! I am very happy to be making part of this project for the rest of the season. I would like to thank Marsaxlokk FC for giving the chance of getting back to compete a few months ago after being out because of an injury and for the opportunity of joining Swieqi for the second time due to a last minute loan transfer. I have just great memories from the 2013/14 season. First, I had the chance to be chosen as one of the captains of the team,but especially because it was the most successful Seniors' team so far, plus the club were celebrating their 5th anniversary in the same year. So, it will be always significant and special to defend the Orange colors.

In your view what has changed and what do you think of this Season's team?

The club has changed a lot in two years time. There is an improvement in all of the departments and  growth  is more than visible. Personally, the most important step forward done by the club is the academy's growth along with a good number of professional and qualified coaches. I think every single club should have their basis starting from that aspect and caring about the youngsters, after all they will be the club's future at the end of the day.Talking about the team, there are many changes comparing to my last season in the club. The technical staff has changed completely, and the squad, quite a big part as well. Altogether, I think the quality and competence are there, so I am glad to be joining this great group.


You shall be playing again side to side with our striker Kenneth who you played with 2 years ago. What do you think of his style of play?

Yes, it is a fact. He's is the one, together with M. Asciak, Jeremy and Cristian Hurtado that I could recall as teammates, all of them are great players that were part of the 2nd division promoted team. I think Kenneth and I understand very well each other, we spent a season playing together in the front line and we contribute by doing our best to help Swieqi be successful. He's a striker who can hold the ball up front, finish with both feet, and by headers aswell so, hopefully we can form a good duo once again to help the club reach its objectives.


What shall be your be your target till the end of the season?

I think the first aim is to secure our spot in 2nd division for the next season. If we take it game by game,I am convinced that we will get this target and from there we can fight and keep competing to finish the season in the best possible ways. Hopefully we will still be having a good second round and improving day by day as the team has done so far. Personally, I will give my best and work very hard for the club to reach its objectives and put Swieqi's name where it deserves to be.
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