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Oranges improving by leaps and bounds!!

10.01.16 Oranges improving by leaps and bounds!!

                Earlier this morning at Luxol Stadium our Under 17s clashed with city rivals Luxol. After some good work put in by the coaches and our players it seemed that the boys in Orange wanted to go out and try and prove themselves. The Orange took an early lead through B.Giles who gave us all a wave of hope. It did not stop there though as each of our players stepped up to the plate today and seemed unbeatable.

                A loose ball into the box was suddenly hotly contested by E.Gatt and the Luxol forward. Nothing seemed to come out of it though but the referee pointed to the spot. After a minute of confusion as no one had any idea what the penalty was for, the situation calmed down and Luxol scored an undeserving and inexistent penalty.

                The second half came around and with the score was tied 1-1. Luxol came out to win and their greater experience paid off as they scored two goals from set pieces. Edward Gatt, Caden Zammit, Dale Vella, Francesco(Ciccio) Borg Bonello, Matthew Catania and our midfielders Andy Shaw, Leo deBortoli, Kurt Darmanin, Luke Gatt and James Pace closed down effectively and it must be said we escaped certain death due to their diligence. Emilio Edwards, Timmy Curmi and Matthias Sultana all walked onto that pitch and gave their best.

                A somewhat last ditch effort meant Luxol found the space to counter and score 4-1. Luxol must be congratulated on this deserved overall victory but today there was a new light at the end of the tunnel! What a match by our boys!!

Forza Swieqi!! 

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