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Swieqi defeated by a well organised Mgarr

15.12.15 Swieqi defeated by a well organised Mgarr

In the first round of the Knock Out, Swieqi United faced Mgarr, a team which currently finds itself in third place of the first division.

From the start, Swieqi knew they were going in for a challenging and defensive game. In the first half, the oranges kept the greens quite well. Mgarr opened the score in the 10th Minute with a free-kick and the second goal came right before half time on the 42nd mark.  

In the second half, Swieqi failed to keep up with the fast and organised Mgarr. Whenever a space was left open, the girls in green quickly made use of it, and as a matter of fact Swieqi conceded another four goals in the second half. 

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