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Daniel Bianco Interview

24.10.10 Daniel Bianco Interview

SU: Hy Daniel! What has been the highlight of your first season at Swieqi United?


DB: The season as a whole was a great experience for me. Being part of a new born team and being part of everyday changes in this club was very exciting.The highlight of the season though would have to be the second round match vs Naxxar Lions. Unfortunately we lost this game 0-1 in the last few minutes of the game but it was the biggest and noisiest crowd I had ever played in.



SU: Which clubs do you think will be the most difficult to beat?



DB: The Maltese footballing level is improving every year, and so every team is difficult to beat. Siggiewi seem as though they are very determined for success this season, with a lot of good players in the team. So if i had to pick a team, I'd say Siggiewi will be the most difficult team to beat this year.



SU: Just how important are the new signings for Swieqi United this season?


DB: Swieqi United are still in the second season as a club, and so there is always room for improvment. Last season I was happy with the team we had, but we lacked depth and cover. Every player the club signed this season is a very good player and the squad as a whole is much stronger, and much more competitive with no-one in the team having their place guaranteed which makes every one work harder and train harder. So yes, these new signings are very very important and their presence may prove to be pivotal at the end of the season.



SU: We conceded many goals last year, but this year is it safe to say that we are defending together as a team?


DB: Last year every single Swieqi United player had never played with each other before, and teamwork is something that needs time, togetherness and trust to work. This season there was alot of new faces but with the base of last season's team sticking together, we this year are more compact and organised. Also, every player plays for each other all knowing each others weaknesses. So yes it is very safe to say that we are taking defending more seriously and I believe this is showing in the way teams are finding it hard to break us down.



SU: Just how good is the team spirit in the dressing room right now?


DB: I have been with several clubs before Swieqi, and the team spirit in the dressing room is something great, its not something you get over night.



SU: You grabbed your first competitive headed goal against Marsaskala last week, can we see more headed goals from you this year? and is it something you've been working on in training?


DB: Im over 6 foot 2 but ive never been a good at heading, but given a perfect cross its hard to go wrong. Last season we were not a team that used wingers so much so the delivery was limited. This season Swieqi have invested in some very good wingers and we play a very wide game with plenty of delivery. So yes i am sure there will be more headed goals.



SU: Just how important has the manager been for the team? And how has he helped you personally develop as a player?


DB: Its never an easy job managing a newly born team and to get 16 points in the first season and not finish last in the league is something that i think the manager deserves most credit for. Re building a team over the summer , working on the weaknesses and building on the strengths is something he deserves praise for. Personally he has helped me a lot, he's shown belief in me, which is something that kept me motivated through last season and this one . His dedication to the team is second to none and as long as he is at Swieqi, the only way is forward.



SU: What are your personal ambitions for the season?


DB: To improve as a player both techniqually and mentally, train hard and beat my scoring tally of last season and help the team to play offs/promotion.



SU: Finally, do you have a message for the fans?


DB: To get behind the team as always and support the players and manager come what may! 

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