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Comments to U17s draw with Melita in play-offs

24.09.15 Comments to U17s draw with Melita in play-offs

Coaches, what do you think of the performance of the u17s team so far from pre-season up to the draw earned with neighbors melita? 

Question 1: We had 14 players promoted to our U/19 squad from last season's U/17 squad, so building a team from scratch and ensuring the team bonds and gels together in time is never an easy task. The boys worked tremendously hard and showed commitment and willingness to learn and improve during pre-season as all sessions were at 17:00hrs, so here I'd like to praise them once again!

Throughout pre-season, we did very well for the 6 weeks we had together prior to the Mgarr play-offs; technically, tactically, mentally and physically the boys are prepared and it showed against Melita. We have certain limitations when it comes to facilities and resources, but the boys understood the concepts and therefore their game understanding improved despite always training in an 8-a-side pitch. In view of this, we have booked half an 11-a-side pitch once a week from this month till the end of the season. The coaching staff is made up of 6 professionals and we are all very proud of the huge progress so far, and it doesn't end here!

Andrea Vella and Gilbert Micallef - Coach and Assistant Coach, U17 Squad


What was in your opinion the recipe to upset melita?

Question 2: I don't think we upset Melita - we would have upset them had we beaten them. I think a draw was fair. Both teams could have nicked it. We both hit the post, both had a clear goal scoring opportunity, our gk made a stunning save whilst their gk remained on his feet for two 1 on 1 situations - Melita kept a lot of possession in their half but possession alone doesn't get you too far. We were very organised and every player understood their tactical duties and did well to play as individuals and work for others. The boys were highly motivated and were switched on at all times - they were all ready to cover for each other's back. When we were behind, even after conceding such a soft goal, they kept their head up high, and battled even more. Against Hibs we'll be once again looking at a good performance.

Andrea Vella and Gilbert Micallef - Coach and Assistant Coach, U17 Squad

Edward, yesterday you have earned a well deserved point against a very strong side. What was the secret to this success?

It was quite an intense match ... Yes as you said we earned a point out of it and I feel we could have even won it but that's football. The secret to yesterday's achievement was that we stayed disciplined and did not give Melita space in our half. The team's atmosphere is sky-high and I'm 100 % sure we can produce another positive performance against Hibs and Naxxar. - Edward

Edward Gatt - Captain 

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