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Swieqi U-17s grab a superb 5th win

05.04.15 Swieqi U-17s grab a superb 5th win

Ghaxaq 0 – 4 Swieqi (X3 M. Martin     B.Caruana Montaldo)

Our young lads knew that today Coach Gatt would not be happy with anything but a strong win. With Muscat Verzin back in goal and Captain Xuereb reconfirmed as our team’s leader, this was a chance for a some players to show off their skills. Jon Ferry and Tortell were once again ready to pull the strings in the midfield while Dimech started in a new right back position opposite left back Sammut Mifsud.. The attacking trio of L.Caruana Montaldo, Johnson and Martin were out for blood and immediately showed good intentions from the first minutes.

Swieqi took their time to get the goals but finally Mark Martin started firing on all cylinders as he dashed all hopes that Ghaxaq might have had with a superb performance. Today we also saw the vast improvement Dale Vella has made over the course of the year as together with il capitano, he dominated in defence.  The lads on the bench were itching to go in and play and coaches Paul Gatt and Gilbert Micallef once again showed their tactical superiority as they made 5 substitutions and the team kept running smoothly. B.Caruana Montaldo, a traditional centre-back, was given a chance upfront that he took by the horns.

As we approach the end of the season Swieqi will rue all the injuries they suffered over the last few months but all at Swieqi can rest assured that there are some super players coming up through the ranks who wear the badge with honour and pride.

We all wish a quick recovery to Johnson and to Darmanin            

Article: Andrew Cyprian Schembri

Photography: Jeffrick Cachia 

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