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On the 3rd Day of Christmas

16.12.14 On the 3rd Day of Christmas

Question Number 1: Hi ladies! You are both new additions to the club and are responsible for overseeing the club’s latest team – the Women’s team. How have you managed to settle down in a new environment and at the same time manage a large team?

Answer: Settling down was extreemly easy beause of the friendliness of everyone in the team. We also organised a lot of team events to bond and get to know each other at the early stages of the formation of the team.

Question Number 2: You are probably one of the few women to be found in a Committee in a Maltese football club. How do you feel about this?

Answer:Its great to represent our locality as well as be the voice onthe women of the team and do our best to help out wherever and whenever we can

Question Number 3: You are helping out the club and at the same time playing for the women’s team, thus adopting a dual role within the club. How does this feel?

Answer: Stressful! However it is all worth it for the sense of achievement gained being able to juggle both. The act that our club allows us to do both says a lot about the mentality of the club and how it supports its players in the best way possible.

Question Number 4: You have recently graduated – congratulations! How do you manage to juggle work with your job at Swieqi?
Answer: Its tough however with good organisation and planning we manage to work our schedule around our swieqi commitments as well as work!
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