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On the 1st day of Christmas...

14.12.14 On the 1st day of Christmas...

Question Number 1:
Hi Adrian! You are one of the newest Committee Members and are responsible for arguably one of the most important positions in any football club; finance. How do you go about your role?

As in everything I do, I go about my work in an organised matter, which I feel is one of the most important aspects to have when doing anything. This will aid for better organisation and ultimately aid to ensure that as a club we meeting our financial targets set out at the beginning of the season.

Question Number 2:
How impressed have you been with the set up at Swieqi United considering that for such a young club we ensure that our accounts are audited every year by a qualified accountant and meet the Financial Fair Play Rules?

This was one of the main factors that really impressed me within this club and thus also a main reason that I decided to join. Not so many well established clubs get their accounts audited by an independent qualified accountant and this shows how, as a club, it is run and managed in the most professional and

Question Number 3:
As pointed out earlier, you are a new addition to the club. How have you settled into the club?

It was at the encouragement of my friend Jeffrick, who was also in the committee, that I started helping out at the club and after seeing how organised it is run and in such a professional way, I wanted to get more involved, and seeing that I work in financial firm, it helped me to ease myself into my role as treasurer and thus form part of a very young and energetic committee which, together with the president Justin, have helped me so much to settled down and feel like I belong to the club.

Question Number 4:
Describe to us your best moment so far with Swieqi.

My best moment so far has to been the historical promotion to the Second Division after only 5 years of the club being formed. Truly an amazing achievement.

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