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Swieqi United AGM 2014

22.06.14 Swieqi United AGM 2014

Swieqi United Football Club held its Annual General Meeting at the offices of Dr. Justin Fenech on the 21st of June, 2014 @ 1700hrs.


(i) The meeting commenced with the Members eligble to vote and this was duly completed.

(ii) A Chairman was elected amongst the Members and this was Robert Dingli

(iii) Robert Dingli read out the Minutes of the AGM 2013.

(iv) No matters arose out of the minutes.

(v) Minutes were passed and approved.

(vi) Michael Calleja gave a round up of the Technical Wing of the club. He praised the fact that the coaching staff managed to secure a historic promotion to 2nd Division whilst the Minors also went close finishing in 4th place. Praise was also heaped on Andrea Vella who managed to keep a group of Under 17s motivated despite facing no competitions and the Futsal team secured salvation on the final day after winning 5 of their last 6 matches. A truly momentous turnaround given that they were rock bottom for most of the season.

(vii) Justin Fenech gave a detailed summary of the club's progress throughout last season. He also outlined the plans for 2014/15. Given the growing reputation of the club, we are seeking new players to form an Under 15 team and a Women's team. Despite continuous expenses, we spent our money in a cautious manner but help is always needed and volunteers are always scarce. That is why running a club is a challenge but Dr. Fenech was positive about the future stating that with the right people on board, we can achieve most of our targets.

(viii) Dr. Justin Fenech presented the Financial Statements for Y/E 2013-14

(ix) Election and Composition of the Board of Discipline: Michael Calleja, Roger Strickland Jr, and Mauro Miceli

(x) Nomination and Appointment of Legal Counsel: Dr. Kevin Dingli

(xi) Nomination and Appointment of Delegates: 1) Dr. Justin Fenech 2) Michael Calleja 3) Robert Dingli

(xii) Auditor nomination and appointment: Mr. Noel Muscat

(xiii) New members presented: Owen Grech, Adrian Chetcuti, Giulia Muscat, Rebecca Naudi, Andrew Schembri.

(xiv) New honorary roles for: Mr. Alan Pace, Mr. Noel Muscat.


New structure:

President: Dr. Justin Fenech
Vice President Team Affairs & Secretary General: Dr. Michael Calleja
Vice President Club Affairs: Dr. James Scerri Worley
Deputy Vice President Club Affairs: Robert Dingli
Finance Manager: Owen Grech
Media Manager: Jeffrick Cachia
Finance & Media Manager: Adrian Chetcuti
Events Coordinator: Matthew Muscat
MFA Relations: Mauro Miceli
Futsal Team Coordinator: Paul Hyzler
Women's Team Coordinator: Giulia Muscat
Women's Team Officer: Becky Naudi
Academcy Administrator: Andrew Ciprian Schembri
Hon. President: Roger Strickland Jr
Hon. Member: Alan Pace
Hon. Member: Noel Muscat
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