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'In the Spotlight': Dylan Cuschieri de Lorenzo

30.10.13 'In the Spotlight': Dylan Cuschieri de Lorenzo

SUFC took the time to sit down and talk with Minors Captain Dylan Cuschieri De Lorenzo.

SUFC: Dylan, thanks for spending some time with SUFC in its first edition of 'In the Spotlight'. First things first, what made you want to join Swieqi United FC?

Dylan: Playing for my home town is something great! It certainly is something you should feel proud of and thankfully I’ve been given the opportunity to play for Swieqi. I must state that from the first time I heard that Swieqi had opened a football club [back in 2009] it had always on my mind to join and make Swieqi proud. I feel honoured to be part of a squad which is representing my locality!

SUFC: As Swieqi Minors captain you need to be focused on the game and have a job to motivate the squad. How do you prepare yourself before a match?

An hour and a half before meeting time i eat a plate of pasta and take a cold shower. Then I see some videos of good players who play in the position im going to play on YouTube. This gives me mental strength before the game. On the way to the game I listen to some of my favourite music to get in the mood. 

SUFC: As a Swieqi resident, do you feel that extra buzz when putting on the orange shirt?

Dylan: Yes, it’s something nice to be wearing your home town’s shirt. During a match there is always something at the back of my mind reminding me that I am not only playing for Swieqi – but I’m also playing for my town. I’m always conscious of the fact that whatever I do, I need to be giving a good account of myself for the team and my club.

The most important thing is that we

believe in ourselves,

there is still a long way to go’ 

SUFC: The Minors have started their maiden season up and running. More games left to play, how do you feel about this?

Dylan: First of all, I think we have a good squad this year. I believe we are capable of winning the league, and achieving promotion. What’s important is our hard work both on the pitch aswell as off it. The club worked hard to create a very good minors team and our pre-season work is certainly reaping dividends. We have to keep on training hard, and put our training on the field. The most important thing is that we have to believe in ourselves, theres still a long way to go.

SUFC: Mario Mifsud is the Technical Director of the club and is also in charge of the Minors. How valuable have his knowledge and experience been both on the pitch as well as off it?

Dylan: Very valuable! This is a good experience for everyone involved with the club from top to bottom! Mario is a very good coach, he has won a lot of trophies in his playing and coaching career and his experience is invaluable. His insights are valuable to everyone including the coaches, committee and players. He has a very good attention to detail and this is showing in the Minors preparation. He also knows that some of the Minors players are capable of training with the first team and I’m sure he will always be determined of giving us a chance to prove ourselves whenever possible.

SUFC: There seems to be a lot of confidence in the camp, how have the minors managed to gel so quickly?

Dylan:When all the players want the same thing for the club, it’s very easy to unite the squad. In this connection, hopefully we can continue this good attitude and maintain a winning streak.

SUFC: And finally what are your personal ambitions for season 2013-14?

Dylan: The easiest question of them all! Getting promoted! Giving Swieqi a good name and to top it all is that before the season started we heard a lot people saying: Who are Swieqi? Where is Swieqi? This year is the year where we will endeavour to answer all those people who questioned us: both as a football team and as a town. We will always embrace the challenges that lie ahead! 

Photography: (C) Jeffrick Cachia -

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